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Holland & Luxembourg Tourist Information Guide

The Netherlands has a flat fertile landscape dotted with tulip fields, windmills, canals and fascinating cities which make for endless exploring. Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan country with outstanding natural beauty and an old world charm. Eurocamp Independent's guide to Holland Tourist Information includes links to the best campsites in Holland & Luxembourg, with details of Dutch tourist attractions and sightseeing suggestions to make the most of your holiday experience.

Shopping and Eating out in Holland

Food You will find more or less the same goods available in the shops in the Netherlands as in the U.K. though prices tend to be a little higher. Hypermarkets and modern shopping malls are becoming more popular. Perhaps the most famous Dutch treats are its cakes and biscuits such as  ‘Stroopwafels’ (butter waffles sandwiched together with stroop syrup).  The Dutch cheeses as we know them in this country tend to be rather bland.  The varieties sold locally, such as ‘Edammer’, are far superior.  ‘Gouda’ is available in varying stages of maturity and becomes tastier as it grows older.  ‘Leerdammer’ is strong, creamy and full of holes. Do not miss the famous cheese market in Alkmaar where you’ll be entertained by vendors dressed in traditional costume.

Shopping Hours Most shops are closed on Monday mornings. Thereafter, opening hours are generally 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. though on Saturday they often close earlier.

Holland & Luxembourg Sightseeing and Culture


Why not visit Delft, famous for its pretty, hand painted blue porcelain, “Delfts Blauw”.
In Amsterdam, the canals are a huge attraction and are a wonderful way to take in the sights of this vibrant, bustling city.

The old part of the city is where you will find all the principal sights and shopping areas, the impressive Ducal Palace and the cathedral built in the 17th century. Take a short trip over the border to Rochefort in Belgium and try the dark and sweet beers brewed at the Trappist Seminary. 

Transportation and travel around Holland

The Netherlands has one of the best railway systems in Europe with fast, modern and frequent trains.

Another very efficient system, with bus terminals usually situated near to railway stations. Tickets, ‘strippenkaart’ can be bought from the bus driver or from railway stations, post offices and tobacconists. These tickets are valid for several journeys and units are reduced as you make each journey.

It is unusual to hail a taxi in the street in the Netherlands & Luxembourg. Taxi ranks are usually found at railway stations and it is usual either to take a taxi from here or to phone for one. The amount shown on a taxi meter includes a service charge but it is customary to give a small extra tip.

Bikes can be hired from all main railway stations. A deposit is payable and the bikes must be returned to the station from which they are hired.

How to get to Holland & Luxembourg

Take an early crossing to Calais, leaving a drive of around 5 hours, or take a crossing to the Hook of Holland which will leave you with a drive of around an hour.

Campsites in Holland & Luxembourg