Special selection campsites

New for 2011 - Special Selection Sites

Fantastic campsites in fantastic locations, the only thing missing are the Eurocamp couriers...

For 2011 we've added nine 'Special Selection' campsites to our programme. These are campsites which we believe offer the same high standard of services and facilities as our other sites; the only difference is they don't feature the Eurocamp courier service

Introducing our Special Selection sites...

1: Oceano D'Or Vendee, FranceOceano D'Or, Vendee
2: Domaine des Forges Vendee, FranceDomaine des Forges, Vendee
3: Sequoia ParcGironde, FranceSequioa Parc, Gironde
4: L'Oree du Bois Gironde, FranceL'Oree du Bois
5: Ilbiarritz Gascony, FranceIlbarritz, Gascony
6: La GrenouillereLoire, FranceLa Grenouillere, Loire
7: La Yole Western Med, FranceLa Yole, Western Med
8: L'Orangerie de Lanniron Brittany, FranceL'Orangerie de Lanniron, Brittany
9: Bad LiebenzellGermanyBad Liebenzell

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