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Useful tips

We have put together the following information to help you with some of the rules and regulations upheld on the continent, in order for you to have a trouble free holiday.

Electrical Hook Ups

The mains lead for use on UK sites has a blue three-pin plug and socket. There are many continental sites, particularly in France and Spain, that still use 2-pin plugs. To use the electrical hook-up at 2-pin sites, you will need a short length of lead with a 2-pin plug at one end and a blue socket at the other. All good accessory shops sell continental site hook-up adaptors.

We also recommend that you take a mains polarity tester to determine if you have reversed polarity. If this is the case, electricity will come into your caravan through the neutral wire and could render appliances live and give you a lethal shock. To avoid such problems you should also take a polarity reverser connection, which is a continental adaptor with live and neutral wires reversed at one end. You should be aware that the electricity supply in parts of France and other countries is not always constant and this can effect the efficiency of electrical appliances.

Gas Supply

Many campers, caravanners and motorhome owners use LPG of which there are two types: butane and propane. Each has broadly similar properties but there are a couple of differences which it is worth being aware of. Butane produces heat more efficiently but its one disadvantage is that it cannot change from liquid to gas when the temperature is around freezing. Propane however is efficient down to -40 degrees C. so is better for winter use. Each type of gas needs a different regulator.

When transporting LPG it is important to keep it in an upright position to avoid the risk of leaks from the valve, and tanks must be less than 80% full.


In 2000 we saw the launch of a Pets Passport pilot scheme which allows cats and dogs to be taken abroad without requiring a period of quarantine on their return to UK. Costs of the necessary microchip, vaccinations and a blood test are around £150-£200. 

Most of the cross-channel operators will allow passengers to take their pets on board for a small charge. However, the animals are required to stay locked in the vehicles throughout the voyage.

If you are considering taking your pet on holiday with you, we recommend that you consult the DEFRA web site which gives detailed and regular updates as to the latest developments.

Passports and Visas

Don’t forget to check that your passport is up to date. You’ll need one for all the countries featured in our brochure.

If you need a new one they’re available from your nearest passport office (£72) and take about a month to arrive. If you need your passport in less than 2 weeks you must make an appointment at your local passport office by phoning the Passport Adviceline on 0300 222 0000. If you’re a non-EC passport holder you may need a visa and the embassies of the countries concerned can advise you on this.

Everyone now needs their own passport to travel abroad, including children, right from birth*. Parents must apply on the child's behalf for their passport which will cost £46 and is valid for 5 years. More information is available at

New regulations in Holland now state that everybody from the age of 14 is required to carry their own valid passport at all times.

Foreign Currency

The Euro is now legal tender in all the countries in which we operate holidays, except Switzerland.  Pound sterling remains the legal tender in the UK.  It’s worth taking some foreign currency with you for when you first arrive, but large amounts of cash are inadvisable.  Credit cards are useful for payments at supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants – remember you’ll need to know your pin number!  Switch and Maestro cards are accepted at cash points; there is usually a charge of about £1.50 for withdrawing money.

In case of problems

If you happen to have a problem or a complaint whilst you are on holiday, as a first course of action we advise you to speak to the site reception about it. If you do not feel that they are doing enough to resolve the problem, please phone us during office hours on 00 44 1606 787 666. Wherever possible we will always try to resolve a problem immediately so that you are able to continue your holiday without disruption.

Gas Powered Cars

Please note that some cross channel operators refuse to carry gas powered cars. Please phone for details if required.

Health and Requirements

At the time of going to press, there were no specific health requirements for the countries in which we operate. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office produces up-to-date travel information to help British travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. For further information please visit or telephone 0845 850 2829.

Tips about our Sites

Site Ratings

To comply with EC legislation we classify all sites in their local official classifications where these are available. However, rating systems vary from country to country – and in some there are no official ratings. For your assistance we offer a basic explanation of the different systems below.

France Star ratings 1-5. Ratings based on technical specifications, such as sanitation facilities. A site may be 3 star simply because not all washbasins are in cubicles.

Italy Star ratings 1-4. As stars are awarded by district or area councils there are considerable regional variations.

Spain First to third category – decided by the Spanish Government.

Switzerland Stars are awarded by the Touring Club of Switzerland.

Holland Stars are awarded by the A.N.W.B. the Dutch equivalent of the A.A.

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium No official ratings exist.          

A star rating is not necessarily a reflection of quality  or of a wide range of facilities. There are some highly starred sites which we would not consider, and some with a lower star rating which are very popular with our customers

Your commitment

We do urge you to give careful consideration to your choice of campsite before making a booking. When a campsite is booked in advance and confirmed to you this represents a contractual agreement. If, when you arrive at a campsite you change your mind about wishing to stay there and choose to move to a different campsite, it is not reasonable to expect the site owner to refund fees for a pitch which he may well be unable to re-let at short notice. Therefore there will be no refund of fees paid to the original site and any extra nights booked at an alternative site will have to be paid for in full by you. Please see our terms & conditions for full details of cancellation charges.

Special Pitch Requests

If you have a special request concerning the type or location of your pitch please mention this to our Reservations Team when making your booking. We always pass on your request to the site – although as pitch allocation is at their discretion we cannot guarantee that such requests will be met.

Pitch sizes

The size of pitches vary from site to site and sometimes even pitch to pitch on the same site. On our campsite description pages we have indicated a typical pitch size.

Electricity and Drainage

On a few sites a higher amperage than stated may be available. On some sites in Germany and Switzerland electricity is payable direct to the site.  Please note: On some sites, you may be up to 25 metres from an electrical hook-up point. Please make sure that you take a good supply of cable with you.


Clean and modern facilities are top priority when we are selecting a site. Hot showers and hot water for personal washing and washing dishes and clothes are free on almost all of the sites. If there is a charge this is indicated. You will usually have to pay for the use of washing and drying machines.

Facilities for Customers with Disabilities

All 4 & 5 –star (or equivalent) campsites are obliged to provide toilet and washing facilities for disabled customers. In our experience, the standard of these facilities can be quite variable. If you have any doubt or concerns about the suitability of any aspect of a particular site for a member of your party with a disability please phone us and we will endeavour to advise you.

On-site Shopping and Eating

We have tried to give accurate information about shopping, restaurant and take-away facilities. On some sites the shop may sell basic provisions such as bread, milk and butter, whilst on others the facilities will be rather more extensive. Some sites will not offer a service outside July and August and many will offer a reduced service outside these months when demand is lower.

Play Areas

Most of our sites have areas equipped with slides, swings, roundabouts etc. In general these are unsupervised.

Swimming Pools

On-site swimming pools are free unless otherwise stated. We would expect a site to open its swimming pool around mid-May, but this is at the owner’s discretion. On many of the sites, traditional swimming briefs must be worn. Shorts and Bermudas are not permitted.

Sport Facilities

Many sporting facilities are free but as in Britain you should expect to pay for facilities such as tennis, mini-golf or bicycle hire. Our Reservations Team will be able to give guide prices and dates of availability, if any of these facilities are particularly important to the enjoyment of your holiday.


Most sites allow barbecues, although some only allow their use in designated areas and some permit gas or charcoal barbecues only. Check the campsite facilities list for details on wich type of barbecues they permit. Please note: In the case of prolonged hot weather local bans may be imposed from time to time.

Site Management

Most sites have similar rules and regulations to ensure a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. On some sites the rules are applied more vigorously than others. We have tried to highlight the sites where this is a feature.  In particular, rules regarding quiet times vary from site to site and even from country to country. In Italy and Spain, for example it is not uncommon for there to be a quiet siesta time in the middle of the day. On some sites, absolute quiet is expected from 10.30pm onwards, whereas others remain lively until after midnight.

Combined Bookings

As well as being able to book as many of the 93 sites as you like from this brochure, you have the added advantage of being able to ‘mix and match’ with over 180 sites from our Select Sites brochure. This way you can tailor a holiday to suit all the needs of your family, but please note that Select Sites do not offer a courier service.

Travelling outside July and August

Many people take advantage of the benefits of a Eurocamp Independent holiday outside July and August. Sites are more peaceful, beaches uncrowded, and roads less busy. And that’s not all – the holiday is unbeatable value with our special low prices and our usual high standards of service.

Which site facilities will be open

One of the reasons for our attractive off-peak rates is that the site owners may not open all facilities outside July and August. Swimming pools are generally open from mid-May until mid- September.

Different site owners have their own approach to the opening of on-site shops and bars. Some will offer a full service for the whole season. Others may only open when there are sufficient customers on site. Many will offer a service in June and September but with reduced opening hours. Organised activities and entertainments are often concentrated into the July/August period.

The wide range of facilities on our sites means that we cannot give a full list of opening times for each amenity. So please telephone for further information on your choice of site.

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