Your Brexit Questions Answered

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What about my passport?

If you’re travelling this year, passport requirements remain unchanged.

It’s always wise to check the date your passport expires. If we leave the EU without a deal at the end of the transition period, the UK Government recommends that you have six months left on your passport on the date of your arrival in an EU country.

The six months on your passport is only required if you are travelling after the date the UK leaves the EU.

Make sure your six months remaining is from the original date the passport was issued - not when it was renewed (if you renewed a 10-year adult passport before it expired).

The UK Government has published a website tool to take you through this process.

You can renew your passport online or by going to a Post Office with a Check and Send service.

Will I need a visa to travel to the EU after Brexit?

The EU has confirmed that UK travellers won’t need a visa to travel the EU after Brexit, even if we leave without a deal. UK citizens will be able to visit the EU for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa.

Can I take my pet abroad?

During the transition period, you can continue to travel with your pet(s) to the EU under the current pet travel rules using your current UK issued EU pet passport, until the end of December 2020.

If you’re travelling with your pet for the first time you’ll have to visit your vet to get a pet passport.

If the UK leaves with no deal at the end of the transition period, it would become a so-called ‘third country’ for the purposes of the EU Pet Travel Scheme. See this page for more information.

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What about my ferry?

Ferry services will operate as normal, with our without a deal, as they are governed by international laws and regulations, not European ones.

What about Eurotunnel?

Both the EU and the UK authorities have said that they expect Eurostar and Le Shuttle train services to run as normal between England and mainland Europe.

Will I need a driving permit?

Currently, and for the remainder of this ‘transition’ year, UK driving licence holders don’t need an additional licence to drive in the EU. But, if we leave without a deal at the end of the transition period you’ll have to apply for an International Driving Permit, use a GB sticker, and get a Green Card from your insurer. Make sure you leave enough time to get one posted out to you.

Visit the website for full details about International Driving Permits.

Will I need a Green Card for car insurance?

If the UK leaves without a deal at the end of the transition period, UK citizens driving their vehicle within the EU would be required to obtain and carry a Green Card in order for UK car insurance to be valid. Your insurer will issue one to you. Make sure you leave enough time to get one posted out to you.


Do I need travel insurance?

ABTA advises holidaymakers to make sure they have appropriate travel insurance, even with a valid EHIC card. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows any EU citizen to access state medical care when they are travelling in another EU country. For the duration of the transition period until the end of December 2020, nothing will change and your EHIC card will still be valid.

But, following a no-deal exit, EHICs may no longer be valid. Our advice? It’s always a good idea to travel with appropriate travel insurance.

The best way to protect your holiday is to book a package. Whatever happens, your money’s safe with us. Our ABTA protection guarantees it. We’re full members of ABTA - which means that the costs of your pitch and any travel booked as part of your holiday with us is 100% protected in the event that it cannot be delivered.