Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Eurocamp Independent and where do we go?

Eurocamp Independent was founded in 1986 and is the sister company of Eurocamp. We work with more than 150 of Europe's best campsites and are here to advise you on the best campsite and travel arrangements for you and your family.  We work with campsites in France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia and have partnerships with all the major cross-channel travel operators.

How do we find our perfect campsite?

Our experienced team are here to help hand-make your perfect holiday.  We can offer expert advice not only on the best places to go, but also on the best way to get there. Our campsite pages here on the website are packed full of useful information and pictures, but the best way to book is to call us and speak to a member of our experienced team.  Once you've chosen where to go we'll do the rest!

Can I make use of the Eurocamp Holiday Couriers and Kids' Clubs?

As a customer of a sister brand of Eurocamp, you will of course be able to make use of the Eurocamp Holiday Couriers and Kids' Clubs on sites where they are available (please note our Special Selection campsites do not feature any Eurocamp services). The main responsibility of the Eurocamp Holiday Couriers is to prepare accommodation for and welcome Eurocamp customers, but they are also available to offer local information and to assist with other queries where they can.

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How do I find my perfect pitch?

Finding your perfect pitch (or 'emplacement' as we sometimes refer to them) is an absolutely essential part of a successful holiday. With so many different pitch types to choose from, from simple pitches to ones with their own private bathrooms and any number of variations in between, we can point you in the right direction for your particular camping equipment.

Will my camping equipment definitely fit on my pitch?

We look after all communication with the campsite you have chosen, including making them aware of the specific dimensions of your camping equipment and any special requests you have made. We make sure we receive written confirmation of this information from the campsite to ensure you have no problems on arrival.

What if I don't like the pitch I've been allocated?

It is the campsite, not Eurocamp Independent, who will allocate your pitch when you arrive at your campsite. If you aren't satisfied with the pitch you have been allocated, the first thing to do is to feed this back to the campsite. If you feel you are not receiving the assistance you require then you can give us a call (or ask the campsite to) and we'll be happy to help.

Will I need a European plug connection?

Our team will be able to let you know which sort of electricity connection is available on each campsite and whether or not adapters are available to hire on site. We recommend that customers bring a minimum of 25m of electrical cable with them in case the electricity box is located at a distance from the pitch.

What amperage of electricity is supplied?

We ask that campsites as a minimum provide a 10amp electricity connection. This should allow you to comfortably use up to 2300 watts of appliances at the same time (appliances usually have their wattage usage marked on them as a guide). Many campsites offer higher amperage either at a supplement or included within the price of a different pitch type. Our team will be happy to advise if you have any particular requirements.

Are full-service pitches available?

The types of pitch available on each campsite will be listed on the relevant campsite page within the important information section. The vast majority of campsites offer pitches with electricity, most will also offer pitches with electricity, water and drainage. There are many other pitch types available which will vary by campsite - ask us for more details if you can't find the information you need.

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How do we book our holiday?

You can price and book your holiday on our website - all the info you need should be found within this site.  However, if you're looking for specific information, or would prefer to talk to somebody who has first hand experience of the campsites we work with, then give our experienced contact-centre team a call.

What does an 'On Request' pitch mean?

A booking that includes a pitch that is marked as 'On Request' (i.e. On Request Pitch with Electricity) will need to be confirmed with the campsite by our reservations team. When our campsites are open for the season, we aim to confirm all 'On Request' bookings within 24 hours, although this confirmation process might take longer at weekends or over Bank Holidays. The confirmation process may take longer out of season e.g. whilst we are awaiting the return of our partner contracts for the following season.  If we are unable to confirm your booking with the campsite, whatever money you have paid will be refunded in full.

Why does my price change during online booking?

As you go through the online booking process, you will notice that the price can change as you add more information. The first price you will see displayed is a 'campsite-only' base price.  If you add travel, you will notice that the price changes as your booking will now look at a 'travel-inclusive' base price. All our prices are based on the campsite's own prices, all of whom tend to have different age-ranges for adults and children.  As such, we aren't able to give an exact price until we've gathered all the exact age details of your party members.  Also, the cost of travel options will vary depending on the route, time and season during which you are travelling.

Can I just book a ferry/tunnel crossing on its own?

Our contracts with our travel partners means that we are able to offer ferry and Eurotunnel bookings only as part of a campsite & travel package, but not on their own. We are however, able to offer campsite-only bookings if you have already made your travel plans.

Can I access my booking via the website?

You can view and download all your booking documentation as well as making holiday payments within the 'my booking' section of this website. All you need to login is your booking reference number and surname.

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Can you help us with any travel arrangements?

We work with all the major cross channel travel operators (including P&O, Brittany Ferries and Eurotunnel) so however you want to get to your campsite, we'll do our hardest to get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Booking your campsite and your travel with us gives you greater security and gives you the simplicity of keeping your whole holiday booking in one place.

When do I need to arrive at the port?

If you are taking the ferry you need to be at the port at least an hour before the sailing departure time (we recommend getting there 1h30 before departure).

For Eurotunnel you need to be there at least 30 minutes before the crossing

Can I take my dog across the channel?

If you are bringing your dog with you, you can cross with Eurotunnel and most ferry operators. You'll need to obtain a valid pets' passport though your vet, who can advise you of the process to obtain one.

Do we need to tell you if we are adding or removing a roof box or bicycles?

If we are booking your crossing for you, yes please. We need to book the correct space so please advise at time of booking if you will have a roof box, roof rack, bicycles (and if they’re rear or roof-mounted), trailer, canoe, surf board, wind surfer, or if you are removing any of the above.

There is usually a charge for carrying extras like these, and space is limited so please don’t leave it too late. If you do not advise us before you travel you risk incurring extra charges at the port, or even being refused carriage.

Can we travel with different operators?

Unfortunately there are some restrictions written into our contracts when it comes to booking ferries, we are only able to book return ferries and we are not able to mix and match ferry companies. However we can mix routes provided both journeys are with the same operator, please call our team for more information.

Can I book a one way crossing?

No, we are only able to book return travel crossings as part of a travel-inclusive booking.

Can I make amendments to my travel arrangements?

You can't amend your travel arrangements online, you will have to contact us via our contact centre or email.

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How do I manage an existing booking?

You can log in and review your booking at the 'my booking' section of the website. You just need your booking reference number and your surname. Within the 'my booking' area you can download invoices, campsite vouchers, campsite guides and other documentation, as well as making payments. PLEASE NOTE: travel cannot be amended online.

When is my final balance due?

For all 2020 bookings, the final balance payment due date has been reduced from 10 to 6 weeks before departure. To make a payment you can log in to the 'my booking' area of the website or by calling the contact centre.

What time can I check it at my campsite?

Check in times can vary from campsite to campsite, but in most cases campsites will let you check in from 2pm/3pm in the afternoon. If you think you will be arriving very early or very late then let us know so we can let the campsite know.

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How do we amend our booking?

If you need to make any changes to any of your booking details, you will need to call our contact centre team who will be happy to help.  Please be aware that there may be costs associated with making amendments.

What documents do we receive before we travel?

You will find your documents in the 'My Booking' login area 2 weeks before departure.  Please print or download the important holiday documents and vouchers that you will need during your journey and once you arrive at your campsite.

What do I need to take on my holiday?

You'll need the important things like a valid passport and your holiday documents.  You'll also need your vehicle registration and driving licence if you're driving, as well as your travel/car breakdown insurance documentation. Depending on your campsite, you may also need to take European adapters for your electricity supply - we'll let you know if you need these at point of booking, and this information will also be available within the campsite guide.

What do we need to know about driving our car abroad?

When taking your car abroad, you must let your insurance company know so that they can ensure you have adequate cover whilst abroad. They may issue you with a green card to take with you. You may also consider extending any breakdown insurance to cover you on your holiday too. This is something you can take through Eurocamp Independent; please see our insurance pages for details.

There are also some other items you must keep in your vehicle when driving in some countries, for example a reflective vest, spare bulbs and warning triangle.

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Do I need to pay anything when I arrive on the campsite?

On certain campsites you may need to pay the local tourist tax on arrival. In most cases, only adults will pay this local tax and it will cost between 0.50€ and 1€ per person per night.

Will I be able to use my bbq on holiday?

Every campsite will have different rules relating to the use of barbecues. In certain areas (and at certain times of year) the risk of forest fires mean all bbq use is restricted. This information should be within the 'Important Information' section of the campsite page, but you should call and check with our contact centre team if this is particularly important to you.

Are the swimming pools supervised?

Not all campsites will have dedicated lifeguards on duty, and those that do may only work across high season dates. We strongly advise that you supervise your children at all times when they are using the pools and also ensure that you familiarise yourself with the swimming pool area including the slides etc. Please also ensure that you pay attention to all signage in and around the pool area.

Why do I have to wear conventional swimwear?

Certain campsites insist that all customers wear conventional (i.e. Speedo style) swimwear in their swimming pools.  We make every effort to ensure that this information is provided at the point of booking, but if this is important to you please make us aware and we can double check with the specific campsite.

Will we be able to hire bikes on the campsite?

Many campsites offer bike hire - please check our campsite pages for details. If bike hire isn't available on the campsite, then we will usually be able to tell you how near the nearest bike hire facility is to the campsite.

Will there be WiFi on the campsite?

The availability of WiFi varies by campsite so please check the campsite pages for further info. Most campsites do offer internet access for their customers although there will usually be a cost for this payable locally to the campsite.

Will we have to pay to use any of the facilities on the campsite?

You may be asked for a deposit to use certain facilities on the campsite, and dependent on the campsite, you may be asked to purchase a wristband for your duration as a guest, or a barrier pass to allow you on and off the campsite with your vehicle. There will also be some campsite-run activities that are payable (non-refundable). Please check when booking.

Will we be able to park our car on our pitch?

In most cases it will be possible to park your car on your pitch.  However, there may be certain campsites where this is not possible. We will make you aware of this at point of booking.

Can I put a second car onto my booking?

It is possible to add a second car onto your booking, but this will incur additional charges if you have booked travel with us, and may also incur additional charges from the campsite. In addition, the second car may need to be parked away from your pitch. We will make you aware of this information at point of booking.